Sunday, November 10, 2013

Audiophile Club of Athens
 Hi-End Systems

Audiophile Club of Athens is one of the most popular audio communities in the world. 
In these topics you will enjoy Hi- End Systems of the Greek Club

Analog Source TRANSROTOR Apollon 40/80
Dynavector DV507 mkII + Dynavector XV-1T
Digital Source ESOTERIC X-05
Tuner Magnum Dynalab 100T
Preamplifiers VAC Renaissance MKIII
(with phono)
Amplifiers Tube VAC Φ300.1
Speakers FOCAL Nova Utopia
Cables Accuphase (interconnects)
Acrolink (speakers, power)
Power Conditioner SHUNYATA Hydra-8
Rack Audio Magic HEPTA
Environment 40m2 (8x5x2.9)

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