Sunday, November 10, 2013

Audiophile Club of Athens
 Hi-End Systems

Audiophile Club of Athens is one of the most popular audio communities in the world. 
In these topics you will enjoy Hi- End Systems of the Greek Club

A.C.A. Vice President Kyriakos Kougiomtzoglou

Analog Source Micro Seiki RX-1500 FVG
SME V+Dynavector XV-1S Ruby
ET 2.5+Dynavector XV-1T
Zeta+Kiseki Purpleheart Sapphire
Transcriptors Hydraulic Ref
Transcriptors Saturn
Thorens TD126 MK III
Digital Source Jadis JD1 MKII (Transport)
D/A Converter Metronome C2A Signature
Preamplifiers TLA Reikon (phono)
Jadis JPS 2 (line preamplifier)
Amplifiers Tube Jadis, JA 200 (monoblocks)
Amplifiers Solid Krell, FPB 200
Ypsilon, Aelius (monoblocks)
Speakers Wilson Audio, Alexandria X2
Cables Siltech 4-56 II (interconnects)
Siltech Phono 3(phono)
Tara Labs ZERO (digital)
Siltech The Emperor II(speak)
Siltech SPX-30 (power)
Rack Solid Steel
Record Cleaner Nitty Gritty, Mini-Pro 2
CD Cleaner Audio Desk
Environment 35m2 (7x5x2.9)

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