Thursday, February 14, 2013

Northstar DAC Essensio

Northstar DAC Essensio

The Northstar DAC Essensio was in my system for about a week and I had a chance for a brief close study of this device. Five digital inputs with an asynchronous USB input working until 32bit/192khz providing many features found at higher price ranges in an affordable price. In the box I found the device a usb cable, a power cable, with the owner's manual that contains also a CD inside the pages with the drivers needed for the proper function of the DAC in windows XP or 7 environment as well as for Mac PC's or Macbooks.

Build in a medium-small sized chassis, it has good build and fine connectors quality. It has an excellent function with quick lock on sample rate with fast and secure relay function.

Sonic performance is excellent for the price range providing a good upgrade on your old or cheap cd source. It haw excellent results with standard resolution digital recordings but it's best comes at high resolution bitstreams. Big soundstage, good level of detail and rich bass are it's highlights. It sure that will please the owner for the amount of money it costs

Sunday, February 3, 2013

NM Sonic Purifiers Signature

NM Sonic Purifiers Signature

The home environment the last years has changed. More intelligent devices are hosted in our rooms making our lives easier with wireless communication and interaction. But this has also the negative part concerning our systems performance in an environment full of RF transmissions and EMF radiation from power transformers or noises added in power network created by the function or numerous devices. 

So the need for electrical filtering was created. So a new range of power filtering products was born. 

Such products ara the NM Sonic Purifiers Signature created by an Audio guru called Nick Mendrinos. He developed a formula of ingredients, structured with a method he developed to make these products, absorbing EMF and RF radiation around them. 
They have many applications. They can be put on devices, in electrical installations, on cables e.t.c.

''They purify the sound, extpand the capabilities of soundstageIt becomes more 3D holographic, while instruments and  human voice are produced in more realistic dimensions and tonality. The system becomes more silent, pleasant and coherent, more musical and emotional.
Music becomes more vivid, unstressed, uncompressed with improved bass control, dynamics, rhythm, tonal balance, presentation and accuracy.''

 I have added five of them in my system and they boosted the performance doing an excellent and unexpected job. Excellent product that gives immediate results as it promises!