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AV Show Athens, Greece 2013

AV Show 2013

Athens, Greece

11-12-13 of October 2013

AV Show is an established and successful show of Hi-End Audio Equipment that takes place in Athens every year for about 15 years. This year took place in the Hotel Athenaeum InterContinental were the Audiophile Club of Athens had a strong presence! October 11-12-13  of 2013

Brands of Hi - End audio participated in this event offering a chance to Audiophilers in Greece to audition new products.

Computer audio was dominant in every room with vinyl taking the second place and CD the third! Yes the most popular medium is lossless audio files and vinyl. You could see everywhere a laptop matched with a dac or an amplifier with a dac souncard.

Aries Cerat Monoblocks driving the Greek Xaitas Loudspeakers with atmospheric sound

Gryphon Mojo loudspeakers with Gryphon Atilla integrated amplifier and CH-Precision
One of the best soundsin show!

Vandersteen 2 loudspeaker with Bryston 4b power amplifier, Audio Research power amplifier and the new Sony HAP Z1 ES, performing excellent!

Admitably the best sound in this show!
The brand new Horning Agathon Ephrodite with ML2 monoblocks L2 preamplifier and Sati CD player and Sati Turntable
Huge scene excellent musicality and transparency, with tonal balance across the spectrum.Very atmospheric sound and evolving reproduction.

B&W 803 Diamond with Classe CA-M 600 monoblocks, Classe CP 800 pre amplifier and Rotel CD player.

Cabasse acoustics with Halcro and PS Audio

Leema acoustcs with Hegel giving Hi End lessons with low budget. 

PMC and Leben

The Grim loudspeakers were the most popular product in the show which created a lot of discussion!
Great sound, excellent product.

PMC FACT series with Bryston 4B sst

Lipinski Monitors with their monoblocks being controlled by the Metric Halo
One of the best sounds in the show

Naim and Focal budget system

Focal Utopia series with naim XS

Audio Physic Classic series with Primare and Isotek cabling and power conditioning.
The people of Isotek were present to demonstrate us the Isotek products

Project Audio Turntable display

Project Box Series in action

State of the Art Reference sound from Wilson Audio Alexia Loudspeakers being driven by Burmester 909 with Burmester electronics and the Clearaudio Master Innovation TT which played vinyls to their limits!
This was ''the above all'' system in the show. Every body who was exposed in this system's sound had a silly smile of suprise on their face.

Crearly the best and beyond compare

Detail from the new Sasha and Sophia

Amazon and Copland and Triangle in between

Acapella Audio and Einstein electronics. Fantastic sound!

Devialet insight

Nice Devialet and Focal matching

Nordost representatives were present to demonstrate us their new product, QV2, QX2, QX4 and new Valhalla series cabling. Amazind difrences with the addition of the above products with on and off demonstration. Nordost Sort Cones were also demonstrated which caused great positive suprise with their use on the system.
Audio Physic Avantera with Symphonic Line electronics. German sound at its best!

Audio Exclusive with ASR Emmiter II

Vincent Audio with System Audio loudspeakers

Aurum Electronics with Dual

Worlds First, the Dual CS 600

New audio designer from Crete-Greece and the two prototypes

CD Duevel Enterprise and Planets with Unison Research S6
Great sound

The Joseph audio Pulsar was the biggest sounding small loudspeaker. It kept many people on their seat during playback driven by Burson monoblocks and pre amplifier with M2Tech Vaughan DAC.
One of the best systems in the show

Geometric Harmony loudspeakers with Tsakiridis Devices and Lab 24 DAC. A Greek system with super sound and descent pricing

SPL Audio Greek brand which offered surprisingly good sound!

Geometric Harmony Towers with Tsakirides electronics

Neat acoustics and Accuphase,  Ecko CD player

Quad  Electronics


Ύδραμα / Hidrama audio from Greece with Burmester Electronics

Quad at its Best

Brodmann with Absoluta amplifier and Hanss Turntable.

It was a successful show but with many absentees.
See you next year!

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