Sunday, January 27, 2013

Luxman SQ-38U Tube integrated amplifier

Luxman SQ-38U Tube integrated amplifier

Luxman SQ-38U was my latest addition in my system. It was taken for an audition in my room and it stayed. It is a full tube Ultralinear Mulard Circuit design that is produced from Luxman Company over40 years and this amplifier was the 2009 version. It is an excellent design of high quality in lenvels. It haw a nominal power output of 25 watts in 8 and 4 ohms and 30 watts in 6 ohms. It also has an internal tubed phono stage wit step up transformer for low output MC cartridges.

After a week of auditions in my system I was impressed by its transparency and musicality. Analysis was atits maximum across the whole spectrum with acoustical instruments presented naturally with full harmonics and voices were overwhelming! It cooperated excellent with my loudspeakers and although they are complicated designs ( 7 drive units per speaker with side firing woofers), they made a perfect match for my taste. 
Luxman succeeded in making Audio Physics Scorpio II so musical I would never imagine they could do so.


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