Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A mostly Greek Audio System

Tsakiridis Devices Electronics 
Alόn 1 by acarian

This is a friends system and it is indeed a special case. This system consists of Greek audio components from the company of Tsakiridis Devices. Two brothers dedicated in audio component design and production, of tube products, with high standards and exceptional value for money, succeeding also and abroad! The loudspeakers of this system are brought by Alόn by acarian systems and the model is ''1'' and the role of source has ;only the turntable in this system! That means that we have an only analogue system using for the purpose of music playback an entry level Project RPM 6.1 turntable. 

System synthesis:

speakers: Alόn 1 by acarian systems
Monoblock Power amplifier: Tsakiridis Devices Acliles  Single Ended 8 Wpc
Pre amplifier: Tsakiridis Devices Alexander
Phono amp: Tsakiridis Devices Phono MM
Source: Project RPM 6.1 with Speedbox, Project Carbon Arm, Clearaudio Aurum Alpha MM cartridge
AC Filter: Tsakiridis Devices Athena
Outlet: Isotek Orion
Speaker Cable: Merlin (Don't know the model)
IC : Mogami, V.D.H.

A nice view of the system.

The driving force of Alόn 1, Achiles, side by side withe the Phono MM

The AC filter Athena

Side view of electronics. Front moving behind: Pre Amp Alexander with its external power, Phono MM and Achiles Monoblock

Right Chanel Monoblock Achiles

View of the Electronics with Project RPM 6.1 on top.

It is an excellent sounbding system with emphasis to musicality and atmosphere. Stereo imaging and flow are some of the strong characteristics with rich detail. Also the driving capabilities of the s.e. monoblock are more than enough to drive these Watt thirsty loudspeakers. This system is a proof of Hi-End sound without spending a fortune!

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