Tuesday, January 29, 2013



 Mechanical isolation is a big matter in High End  audio, as it can have a major effect in audio components sound. There are many types of vibrations. They are caused from different reasons, or sometimes even from combination of different vibration types. Vibrations are caused by frequencies played from our speakers causing device resonance, from mechanical parts caused by the devices mechanisms, such us motors on turntables. There are also lots of vibration that are passed from our rack or furniture where our devices are placed. This effects negatively the sound as the vibrations add colouring in the final reproduced sound, or by adding slight distortion. This reduces focusing in stereo imaging thus decreasing detail and transparency. So the need for mechanical isolation was born and since then there are many products produced to eliminate or reduce these kind of problems. Such products are NORDOST's SORT KONES and here in the version TC, thet means Titanium chassis with ceramic ball. The architecture is simple. Two chassis that between them interferes a titanium ball. The principal is simple. Vibrations are transformed from mechanical energy to thermal energy which happens from the ball friction between the two chassis.

I tested them under my source for a period of time and results were great indeed! These little things just do a great improvement. Focusing was superb, detail was richer and transparency increased. Speaker disparaging effect increased and stero image had better dimensions. Instrument had more air around them and harmonics came to surface. Excellent product, highly recommended!

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