Saturday, March 9, 2013

Naim Nait XS

Naim Nait XS

The British Naim company is well known among the audiophilers all over the world for its design and sceptic around Hi-Fi. Minimal looks fine build quality and performance in all products, plus flexibility of upgrading through a range of external transformers. This time I had the chance to come across and audition the affordable Naim Nait XS amplifier. The Nait XS replaced my tube amplifier for about a week and I made a lot of listening!

Naim is also known for the low nominal output of its amplifiers which behave like they have the double output. Result of fine power supply design. So the Naim nait XS was called to drive my Audio Physics Scorpio II with 60 watts at 8ohms per channel rated power output.
Nait XS did it fine. Well controlled and tight bass,clear mids and highs wit analysis and fine articulation.
High frequencies were detailed and presentation of detail was very good. Mids were clear and detailed as well and well integrated with highs and mids. I would prefer a more transparent performance across the spectrum. Tone was neutral but without the feeling of cold sound.

Surely a more than decent choice for someone who likes neutral sound and wants driving capabilities in a modest price level. Very good.

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