Sunday, March 24, 2013


Tube integrated amplifier

The Copland CTA 405 is a 2x50W Class-AB
 Valve Amplifier featuring integrated RIAA Phono Amplifier for Moving Magnet
 and High Output Moving Coil Cartridges.

I recently had the chance to make an audition of this great valve amp, in my system in which I'm using my favourite Luxman SQ-38U with 6CA7 power tubes.  Now, the Copland Valve intgrated amp is using 4 KT-88 valves at the power stage  to deliver 2x50 Watts supported by a high standard construction for its price range. Three big transformers from which one is toroidal make us sure that this amp is well fed any time and in any case with plenty of power. The internal architecture is great and everything is well placed, in order.
The design is quite minimal and personally I would prefer a better in terms of quality, casing for the machine, to be in balance with the high quality internal construction. Also a better ventilated chassis would be fine, because during function top plate of the machines becomes so hot that you cannot touch it.

CTA 405 replaced my Luxman Valve amplifier and it drove my Audio Physics Scorpio II's. The first impression I had was that I was in front of an amplifier of at least double of its nominal power output! Great control tight Bass with fine articulation and overall weight. Big bodies and a big soundstage was also someof its highlighted characteristics with an ability to present clear sound idols in the soundstage. Mids were clear with plenty of detail followed by  a transparnt feeling until the highs. Analysis was also in great amounts and generally the feeling was that I had in front of me an excellent machine. Tonally my Luxman sounds more musical but this is a characteristic of the 6CA7 tube which is more audio oriented in application then the KT-88 which was build for military application. That doesn't mean that the Copland is less musical. It goes more to the side of transistor like feeling, sound but it still more musical. Something that is felt in voices which have this charming tube like sense. The amp is remote controlled and offers 5 inputs, phono stage for MM and MC cartridge.

The truth is that CTA 405 focuses in music and performance and not in fancy looks and tricks. Having a fine functionality with remote, enough inputs, and the option to tweak it's sound by changing its 11 tubes, is a fine machine and it is more than sure that it will please its buyer! Give it an Audition!

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