Sunday, May 19, 2013

Black Pearls Audio

 Black Pearls Audio
Birth 100 integrated amplifier


Black Pearls Audio is a new Greek audio company  and Birth 100 is it's first product. An intagrated amplifier capable of delivering 70wpc/8oh given by a highly capable design of high grade audio parts.


  • 70Wrms @ 8Ω, 110Wrms @ 4Ω
  • 90KΩ input resistance
  • Slew rate 14.9V/us
  • Zero local and global feedback
  • Separate toroidal transformers for the pre-amplifier and power stage for each channel (4 in total)
  • Class-A single-ended pre-amplifier stage
  • Audio grade power MOSFETs
  • Complementary power stage deeply biased for class-A operation
  • CE compliant (LVD 2006/95/EC & EMC 2004/108/EC) 

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