Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Ypsilon Electronics is a Greek,  globally established ultra high end company of state of the art audio masterpieces. You might find my words exciding but a close encounter with the devices, created by mr. Baklavas, the man behind the company, is a live proof of my words. 

A close look of any of the machines of the Greek manufacturer is enough to realize the high quality design and assembly of this machines. High level of musical reproduction in any price level has made a lot of High End loudspeaker designers to use Ypsilon Electronics as Reference machines for tuning. Also many reviewers around the world have chosen Ypsilon Electronics as Reference Machines.

Now to the point. I was invited a Saturday evening from a friend of mine to audition his Ypsilon system. Stunning looks of his components suprised me. His system was consisted of SET 100 Ultimate Monoblock power amplifiers, PST - 100 mono pre-amplifier version (dual chassis one for each channel) with built in dac module and CDT -100 CD Transport. In a few words, top of the Ypsilon line components. The loudspeakers were the bulky GKF Exclusive flagship heavily modified.

I could describe the system's sound only in a few words....! Amazing drive capabilities, uncompressed  dynamics, realistic speed, lifelike sizes, and ultimate transparency! 

The blend of deep knowledge and passion define the implemetation of state of the art components that are worthly representors and performers of music!

I think is a waste of time to describe of sonic behaviour of these machines. Give them an audition! You ought it in yourself!

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