Saturday, April 6, 2013

Harmonic Audio Labs SE 100

Harmonic Audio Labs SE 100
Integrated Amplifier

Harmonic Audio Labs is a new established audio firm founded in Greece by a talented man called Kostas Kourkounis. He has been around audio for many years and he is passionate with his subject. He is characterised by his love for music and his vision is to design audio machines that serve this purpose. Musi Reprodudction.

He has made lot of designs for friends and he became famous around the Greek audio circles for his skills. So he went proffesional and now his designing and manufacturing products.

One of his best designs is an parallel single ended solid state intagrated amplifier which is designed and manufactured with no cost limits.

It is capable of delivering 50watts per channel in Class A by parallel  MosFets. It has 16 (PSU's) one for each stage and the pre apmplifier and power amplifier stages are seperate. 

I've done some auditions of this huge amplifier and the first contact was shocking indeed! 
If you listen to this baby you will not believe its rated output is true! The driving capabilities and ease creates a sense of owe when thinking it gives 50 watts per channel at 8 ohms!

The characteristics of Class A are present in huge doses creating a huge soundstage full of micro and macro information as if the amplifier is digging in every detail. Dynamics are instant and they do not appear any sense of compression at all. Music is expressed in the finest way with rich harmonics and excellent attenuetion versus time creating a natural sound feeling. It is indeed a piece of art in terms of music and sound reproduction and it is clearly a result of  a great R&D of  K. Kouskounis based on his beliefs about music reproduction.

The Harmonic Audio Labs SE 100 is a great representative of the solid state single ended designes that difines its category presenting many characteristics found in tube amplifiers combined with the advantages of MosFet technology.

Musicality, Transparency, Drive and Dynamics given in huge amounts that come with Harmonics and esoteric music reproduction that delivers the feeling of each music act recorded on any medium.

State of The Art!

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